The Shuttle Run

The last unit of Omega Squadron was wiped out to a sentient in a battle against the Styarx. The Galarchy Empire has tasked the Alien Legion with forming up a new unit, and Major Rotweiller has been assigned the task of picking that team from the group of new recruits.
So far Legionnaires Katarina Sarkova, Atropa DiVALE, and Kincade ‘Cybertek’ Reynolds applied for duty with the unit and are ready to undertake the Shuttle Run, while Legionnaire KAT4 has successfully completed a solo run.



Reach the target pad, maintain position for 3 secounds (at least one full phase), and return to staging area.

Reach the target dummy located at the red pad, maintain position for 3 seconds (one full phase) to simulate stabilizing target dummy, then successfully transport the target dummy back to starting point.


Several combat drones stand between you and target; the room has other responses that initiate as you start moving. Several traps or other obstacles may activate as well. The longer you take in the room, the stronger the room’s response.


Attacking anything that attacks you (drones, traps, obstacles) is permitted; attacking drone bays or the target pad are OFF-LIMITS.


This is a standard testing ground for new recruits to see what they’ve learned, what they’re made off, and what can be expected from them in the field. The mission is completed solo so as to allow each Legionnaire to find their own way to solve the issue— should a commander fall, Legionnaires are expected to push on and achieve whatever goal they’ve been given. Success is not required or expected in all cases. However, a Legionnaire’s actions inside the room are part of that Legionnaire’s combat file and may play a roll in later considerations for promotion.



The Shuttle Run

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