The Last Straw



With a 36-hour window from insertion, penetrate the subterranean terrorist base and eliminate the missile threat. At 48-hours, without confirmation of success, orbital bombardment will commence.


A terrorist cell has been collecting materials with the intention of assembling star-killer missiles, capable of causing stars to enter final-mass-stage and overload. While a Dreadnaught hangs back in an long-range elliptical orbit, the Siderium has ordered the Navy to attempt to take the facility without using orbital cannons, which often scorch an entire planet’s atmosphere for decades, if not centuries.

Early indications were that it was a research facility, but a Galarchy Intelligence Operative penetrated the operation and retrieved valuable information before being compromised:

200 indigenous mercenary personnel
100+ scientists/technicians
dozens of automated drones
an off-world mercenary unit (identity unknown)
a pair of hovercraft, a short-range shuttle craft, a rotorcraft
perimeter sensors (identified on map from orbit)
perimeter air-defense guns
radar installation (w/ a-a guns, preventing traditional airstrike)


Orbital transport ships will be used to cloak your approach. Pop-pods will be used for insertion: dropped from orbit; coded to ‘pop’ apart at predetermined altitude; glider-gear provided to allow approach undetected.

Intel identifies N/NW corner of island as potential entrance point—surveillance indicates singular sensor arrays creating a possible window. A stealthy penetration of the facility is advised until the target silo is reached, if possible.

The GIO (Galarchy Intelligence Operative) may still be in place or alive somewhere inside the facility. Locating the GIO may prove beneficial— can be recognized with code prompt “broken window” and the code response “babblefish,” assuming the GIO hasn’t been compromised.

Decisions beyond that are up the insertion team.

NOTE: At 48-hours, orbital bombardment will commence, regardless of mission-status: the star-killer missiles cannot be allowed to be completed and/or launched.



The Last Straw

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