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A group of Galarchy scientists and miners at an outpost on SOTIRIA IV have stopped responding to radio signals. Other mining outposts on the same planetoid are likewise unable to reach the unit. A Galarchic Marine contingent was sent in to investigate. After making their initial landing report, they likewise stopped transmitting. Galarchy Command wishes to risk no more Marine personnel on an unknown threat, though the mining operations are proving quite profitable and they do not wish to give up the other bases without understanding the potential threat. They have thus as deemed this an Alien Legion mission— for expendable troops.


Locate the scientists/miners; ascertain their status.
Locate missing Marine Unit; ascertain their status.
Identify and assess local threat; establish safe zone if possible.


Five mining/research facilities exist on the planetoid—three on the main continent, which is where the Legion will debark from, one on the island chain to the southeast of the main continent, and a final one on the largest island at the end of the chain.
Fourteen cycles ago, the base stopped transmitting and responding to communications. Orbital reconnaissance satellites show some damage to the research facility and housing domes.
Nine cycles ago, a marine contingent (20+ imperial marines) took a transport ship to investigate. They made an initial landing report and then stopped transmitting as well—the transmitter on the ship went dead in the volcanic mountain region southeast of the main research facility. It is unknown what the ship was doing away from the landing site.


A drop ship will transport a Legionnaire Unit (assigned to Omega Squadron) via its Dropbox to investigate the research site. The unit is to maintain communications contact and identify the situation. The research facility data is the primary task.
The fate of the miners/researchers and marines is the secondary.
The elimination of any threat to Galarchy control in the area is tertiary. If the threat is too great, proper military response, up to orbital bombardment, is authorized.


Sotiria IV is in the hot-side of the goldilocks zone, covered primarily in warm waters that provide abundant hydrogen processing and islands covered in lush, tropical vegetation. Flora and fauna on the main continent have proven to be within common ranges and no evidence of sentient life forms has been found. Nor have any predators more dangerous than dropcats or pathrax have been encountered.
The island chain research facility has found an incredible variety of aquatic species and has begun working a number of unique algae formations for potential pharmaceutical and manufacturing potentials. The small continent research facility, until it stopped broadcasting, had found itself secure on an island free of predators and had found amazing mineral deposits in the far end of what appears to be a well-developed volcanic chain.
Galarchy intentions are clear: the other four stations will continue producing. The fifth station will be investigated by expendable units to determine its continued viability.



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