Legion Background

The following Unit/Organizational Terms will appear in the campaign and are useful to understand/know:

The “Good” Guys

GALARCHY- commanding authority over 3 galaxies, influence in 2 more, fighting wars in still 2 more

IMPERIAL NAVY- Almost humanoid-exclusive military branch of Galarchy
IMPERIAL MARINE- also called ‘Regulars,’ basic stormtrooper types

ALIEN LEGION- attached to Imperial Navy for irregulars and aliens
The Legion is several different Companies, further broken down into Squadrons, with each squadron made up of fighting units sized by that Squadron’s mission.

Some better knowen Squadrons in the Legion are as follows:
AL: BISON COMPANY- this is the logistics/supply arm of the AL. They control the transport vehicles and the resupply chains that keep the Legion fighting.
AL: DRAGON COMPANY- the fliers/pilot squadron that supports other AL units. These are the combat pilots who run straffing and cover missions for ground squads.
AL: ECHO SQUADRON- the ESP’ers and psions of the AL
AL: NOMAD SQUADRON- the elite squadron of the best of AL
AL: OMEGA SQUADRON- the ‘bag squad,’ often sent on suicide runs. Squadrons are broken down by color (red, black, and green being the most common) into units of 8. One serving Lego is often the Sergeant and a 9th member, a Lieutenant, may or may not be assigned to the unit directly.

Some common enemies:

STYARX PLUTOCRACY- a group of humanoids with high technology and organizational skills; they fight the Galarchy for resources and control of a galaxy both are still exploring.

SABERHAGEN- the name given to one or all of the sentient electronic programs— the ‘Borg, in effect. I recommend reading some novels by Saberhagen to see where the idea of the Borg really came from (he wrote almost 20 years before ’Next Generation’ started) and how nasty they can really be. The Saberhagen infect at least 2 galaxies that the Galarchy has probed and are spreading through a 3rd that the Galarchy is seeking to protect from this latest incursion.

HARKILON EMPERIUM- this sentient species uses subterfuge, illusion, and force to expand its boundaries. It has repulsed all attempts by the Galarchy to have it join and has been swallowed whole in the process. Now surrounded on all sides by Galarchy-member systems, the Harkilon attempt to break free of their borders every few centuries, seeking to expand back into the parts of space they consider to be theirs. Throughout the Auron galaxy, they are a constant source of trouble, including inciting instability on a number of worlds, and their continued existence is only because the Galarchy does not force membership through arms (though it often necessitates membership through force of trade). The Harkilon Emperium numbers close to a thousand systems.

INDIGS- while not always enemies, the Indigenous Peoples of any planet are often simply called INDIGS and are either seen as hostile (TERRORISTS) or simply in the way.

TERRORISTS- any group that challenges the Galarchy’s authority

Several planets maintain “peace-keeping forces” which equate to standing armies. Several other planets have watched their armies dissolve and take their personnel and equipment with them, forming up mercenary units that work for the highest bidder. In any household, there are small events that go unnoticed; in a 3-Galaxy-sized Empire, the size of those ‘small events’ increases dramatically. Sometimes planets change governments, authorities, representatives, or alliances— but none of this affects the Galarchy directly. If it does, they send in the Imperial Navy to “stabilize” the situation. As such, several rogue armies and mercenary units work throughout the galaxies for anyone that is willing to pay them enough.

NEKO NINJA- one of the most feared group of mercenaries are the Neko Ninja, a group of felinoid mercenaries who train their mental and physical abilities to incredible levels and use stealth and subterfuge to infiltrate, undermine, and sabotage their targets.

Legion Background

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