This is a HERO SYSTEM (5th edition) CHAMPIONS campaign.

Characters are designed using the “low powered superhero” model set up as follows:


Each character starts with a 125-pt base
Each character can take up to 125 points of DISADVANTAGES
For a total build point potential of 250 power points

The following POWERS are required (they are NOT additional free powers):

GADGET POOL (36 points)
30 point ACTIVE (This provides access to the gear listed in the ITEMS section or other gear designed by either
6 point CONTROL

  • Obvious Accessible Focus (-1)
  • Only change between adventures (-1/2)


TOTAL COST: 40 build points (out of 250)

The following DISADVANTAGES are required (they are NOT additional points, but provide 60 of the 125 disadvantages a character can take.):

HUNTED: Imperial Internal Affairs [20 pts]

  • more powerful; non-combat influence
  • easy to find
  • only watch
  • 11 or less

DISTINCTIVE FEATURE: Alien Legionnaire Uniform [10 pts]

  • always/ major reaction (fear and loathing)
  • easy to conceal

REPUTATION: “Violent Thugs and Killers” [10 pts]

  • major reaction
  • 8 or less

SOCIAL LIMITATION: Subject to Orders [20 pts]

  • major
  • 14 or less

TOTAL DISADVANTAGES: 60 build points (out of 125)


The following DISADVANTAGES are restricted or limited:

OIHID (only in heroic ID: there are NO heroic ID’s— the Legion knows who you are.

DEPENDENT: it will be hard to justify having someone around all the time when the Legion is sending you across the galaxies on missions. This might work with a pet, but won’t work with a girlfriend or old aunt, like in most super-heroic campaigns.

Every character also starts with Everyman Skills. See that page. Players can design their own ‘everyman skill’ set if they choose, but should make it reasonable and useful to the Legion (they only get 8- with those skills, too).


Alien Legion-Omega Squad havster