Here’s your route to joining OMEGA SQUADRON

Read EVERYTHING BELOW, whether you know the system or not. Check out the background pages, look around at the adventure logs and characters, and let those ideas help lead you through character creation even if you don’t know the system.

When you’ve got an idea or a full-blown character that you think will work, email it to me here, at, or through Roll20 (preferably NOT all 3) and include as much of the information below as you can:

  1. Include your previous knowledge of the Hero System/Champions game. “NONE” is fine— the game is simple: resolving with 3d6 for everything. Character Creation is the only hard part.
  2. Include a character idea— give me more than a sentence, but less than a novella, please.
  3. If you DO know the system, wait, take the time, build a character under the character-guidelines below, and send me that with you’re ‘apply to join’— just post it into the apply letter (as much as will fit) and let me see what you’ve got— you’re more likely to get accepted with a character already worked up than just because you say you know the system.) Avoid broken power sets and combinations: don’t make me tell you NO: if you think I’m likely to see it as cheese, rework it rather than make me say NO, please. No Time travelling; no polymorphing into T-Rex’s (though alternate forms are okay); no infinite variable power pools with no explanation/support/limits (I’ve had spellcasters before, though, who created reasonable limits, and the gadget pool I assign each character is reasonable). Think genre; think team not superman; think Firefly/Star Trek/Star Wars, not Silver Surfer/Guardians of the Galaxy; think Starship Troopers and build accordingly.

There are a few other points to keep in mind:

  • BE AWARE: If you don’t know the Hero System, experience comes much slower— there is no “leveling up” and points earned are used the same as they are in character creation. I won’t shy on build points, but I won’t be throwing them as confetti either: most story arcs will run 3 to 4 “issues” and will yield 5 to 10 experience points. This means each arc provides at best 1/25th of a character’s starting points to buy new powers, skills, buy down disads, etc. This is intentional in the game design to prevent too rapid of a power escalation when dealing with superheroes. These points can be saved and used later, shifted into more gadgets, used to learn new skills or talents and/or to improve existing ones, or used to develop some cool unique power as the game progresses. This will be more of a ROLE-playing game using the fun and endless possibilities of the Hero System and neither money-hoarding nor advancement is not the end-goal: having fun playing your character is.
  • Games will play out in “Story Arcs” (think comics) of about 3 to 5 sessions per arc. With the exception of the first 2 arcs (or 10 “issues”), we’ll take a few week break in between arcs to allow for me to catch up on maps and to allow some down time from the game. Each new arc will allow players to decide to “take an arc off” and have their character assigned to other duties, allowing alternatives to come in and keeping the group fresh and full. Leaving an arc will not mean leaving the game, and that character moves to the alternate pool to return in the next open story arc. Occassional story arcs build to much larger combats and, for these, I may allow all active players— regulars and alternates— to join in. These combats, however, are often more lethal, representing some of the worst situations that Omega Squad is thrown into (you won’t see one of those for at least 20 “issues,” depending on character decisions, so don’t expect it soon).


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